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Displaying QA Information in Block Coding


Codeit has a dedicated "Verify" tool that to help support the coding quality assurance process. This tool allows quality checkers to mark individual items as approved or rejected (or neither).
Sometimes, it can be useful for coders to overlay this quality checking information in the Block Coding screen.  For example, if a coder needs to re-code rejected items, it is useful if the rejected items are clearly displayed on screen. This feature is entirely optional and is for display purposes only - it does not actually allow the coder to change the QA status of any items.

Displaying QA information
To display the QA information in Block Coding mode, first click the'Settings' button on the ribbon menu at the top of the screen:

A menu will then appear as below. Click the 'QA Settings' tab:

In this tab, you have 2 options:

Clicking the 'QA Status' option will display QA Status column to the verbatim table and highlight the current QA Status of each record using red and green colouring:

The 'Verbatim Display' option allows you to filter records based on the QA status.
There are three options available to filter records: approved and rejected records, approved records only and rejected records only.

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