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Using Auto-Translation


Codeit supports auto-translation for more than 50 languages. For details about the supported language, see Article "Supported Languages"
When specified during import, data in any of the supported languages is translated into English.
The coder can then choose to work natively or in English.
For coding:
- if English is chosen in the Language dropdown, then all the English verbatims and the auto-translated verbatims will be available in Block/Sequential/Verify.
- if a specific language is chosen, then only the verbatims in this language will be available.

Importing Data in a specific Language

On Import, you can specify the language in the dropdown highlighted below:

The columns to be translated automatically need to be ticked in the Auto-Translate table column.

The Auto-Translate tick-box is available only if the specified Language is in our list of supported languages and if the variable is included in the Import.

You can then click the "Start Coding" button and both English and the native language will be available in the Language dropdown:
If the specified language during import is not the correct one, the translated value will be set as the original value.

In a Coding screen, an icon is displayed next to the auto-translated verbatims:

Working with the Codeit Artificial Intelligence

If the source verbatims have been auto-translated, then all the AI layers (Text Matching, Text Rules, Machine Learning) will work on the auto-translated text (not on the original source text). In other words, once you have auto-translated, you should stick with the translated text for on-going processing.

The Machine Learning is only supported for auto-translated verbatims (into English) and does not work for source languages other than English – the ML is only currently supported in English. Our recommendation is that to take full advantage of the ML capabilities in Codeit, you should use the auto-translation feature.

If you have chosen to not enable auto-translation, and work in the original source language, then only Text Matching and Text Rules layer will work with your original source language. To be clear Text Matching and Text Rules are supported in all languages, but Machine Learning is only available for English.

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