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How to run the Theme Explorer


Codeit Theme Explorer allows you to quickly visualize the main themes and explore your data.
It is an alternative visual coding tool to Block Coding. We use Codeit Text Analytics to automatically find common themes in your data and allow you to quickly create a codeframe and code your data using a new, interactive user interface:

Enabling Theme Explorer

To enable the Theme Explorer for your account, please contact support!

Running Theme Explorer for a project

Theme Explorer is using Codeit Text Analytics results to automatically find themes in your data.
Once Theme Explorer is enabled for your account (see above), you can run Theme Explorer for a specific project by running our Text Analytics engine:
Theme Explorer happens automatically as part of this Text Analytics process.

Accessing Theme Explorer coding mode

You can access Theme Explorer coding mode by selecting "Theme Explorer" from the project dashboard "Start Coding" dialog.

You can then start coding!

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