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Importing Data via Data Links


One way to import data into Codeit for coding is via the data link feature. Before proceeding with this article, it might be worth reading through this article in order to learn about managing data links, if you haven't already done so.

The 'Link Data' wizard

The Link Data wizard allows you to import data into Codeit from an external source using a data link.

To access the Link Data wizard, from the Project Dashboard, click the 'Link Data' button in the menu at the top of the page:

On step 1 of the wizard, click 'New Project' from the 'Link Target' options and click 'Next':

On step 2 of the wizard, select the data link you wish to pull data and click 'Next':

On step 3 of the wizard, select the survey you wish to import into Codeit and click 'Next':

On step 4 of the wizard, select the source and target variables you wish to include in the project. You may also optionally select context and wave variables. Click 'Next' when you've selected all variables you wish to include.

On step 5 of the wizard, map the source variables to the target variables, both of which you selected earlier. Alternatively, you can enter a suffix next to the green 'Automap' button and click 'Automap' to automatically map your source variables to your target variables, if you have a naming convention for your variables in place. Afterwards, click 'Next'.

On step 6 of the wizard, you are given a summary of the project you are about to create. If you are happy to proceed, click 'Save'. If not, click 'Previous' to go back and amend your settings.

When the project has been created successfully, you will see the following screen:

Click 'OK' to go back to the Project Dashboard and begin coding on your newly imported project. 

If you do not see the above screen after completing the wizard, please contact us.

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