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Deleting Records


Sometimes you may find it necessary to delete certain records from projects on a wave-to-wave basis. Codeit provides the functionality to perform this action should you wish to use it.

Deleting Records

In order to delete a record/records, you will need the IDs of each record you wish to delete.

From the Project Dashboard, click the 'Admin' button next to the 'Code' button for the project you wish to delete records from:

Click 'Data Tools' within the 'Data' list:

Select the 'Delete Records' box:

Enter the IDs of the records to be deleted into the text box and select the wave you wish to delete them from in the dropdown below the textbox:

A dialog box will appear prompting you to go ahead with deleting the records or cancelling your action. Select 'OK' to delete the records:

Upon deletion of the records, another dialog box is displayed with a success message:

Now upon entering the wave for the project you deleted records from, the records will no longer show up: