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Importing an XML file


In addition to CSV files, Codeit also supports the importing of XML files. The purpose of this document is to outline the process of importing an XML file into Codeit.

Importing an XML file

While in the 'Projects' view of the Admin section, click on the 'Import New Project' button located in the top-right of the page:

Select the file you wish to import by clicking 'Choose file' in the Import New Project section. When you have selected the file, click 'Next':

The next step allows you to configure the settings for the import of the XML file:

The 'Project Details' section allows you to import into a new or an existing project, specify the project name and the wave name. The section below allows you to include the tasks in the XML file you would like. You can also select 2 or more tasks and 'merge' them if you wish to. Select the tasks you wish to include in the project and click 'Next'.

Upon clicking 'Next', the file will be imported and processed and if successful, you will be taken back to step 1 of the wizard. You should now see the 'Current Imports' section of the page populated as below:

When the 'Current Imports' section has refreshed and is empty, your project is ready for use.

Format of the XML File

The XML file needs to have the following structure:










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