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Showing Suggestions


The AI system built into Codeit has the ability to automatically apply codes to text items within a task.
Alternatively, the AI system can make suggestions about which codes should be applied to an item and leave it up to the user to decide whether to apply these suggestions.
The purpose of this article is to show how these suggestions can be overlaid within block coding mode to aid the coding process.

Showing suggestions

If suggestions are available for a code in the codeframe, this will be indicated by a speech bubble:

Clicking on that speech bubble will filter the verbatims displayed and just show those where the AI has suggested applying that code.
In this example, verbatims are displayed if the AI has suggested applying the 'comfortable' code to that item.

To view more information about each suggestion, hover over the highlighted area and move your mouse to the '?' icon to the top left:

The confidence score denotes how confident the system is in the suggestion; this is a value between 0 and 1.
Beneath the confidence score, the "source" information denotes which specific AI layer (i.e. Text Matching, Text Rules, Machine Learning) produced the suggestion.

To apply the suggested coded, simply click on the highlighted area:

If you wish to view suggestions for all items in the codeframe, right-click on anywhere in the whitespace beneath the codeframe items and click 'Show Suggestions (all)':

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