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Block Coding - Page Anatomy


This page provides a basic orientation to the Block Coding screen in Codeit.

Block Coding screen

The Block Coding page in Codeit appears as follows:

The purpose of each of these sections is as follows:

1. CodeframeDisplays the current codeframe.
The codeframe functions in exactly the same way as it does in each of the coding screens.
It can also be edited and manipulated in exactly the same way as in each of the coding screens.

For more information on working with codeframes, see the Working With Codeframes page.
2. Source VerbatimsDisplays a list of source text items for coding.
3. CodesShows the codes applied to each text item. The codes applied to each record can be edited by typing in the corresponding textbox. This is identical to the method used to apply codes in each of the coding screens.
4. Context VariablesShows additional related values to help add context to each text item.
5. LengthShows the amount of characters in each text item, including spaces.