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Editing the Default Codeframe order


This page explains how the Default ordering can be edited in the coding screens.
This feature is available in Block Coding only.

First, the Edit Mode needs to be On, and the Sorting set to Default.

Editing the Default sorting for Nets
To edit the sorting of one or several Nets, they first need to be selected

Right-Click on one of the Selected Net, and select "Sort Selected Nets By...". If Default sorting is not selected, the menu option is greyed out.

There are then several options for the sorting, which corresponds to the usual sorting available (see Codeframe Sorting article).
The checkbox "Sort sub-items" indicates if children should be sorted as well. If disabled, none of the children (nets or codes) will be sorted.

Clicking "Apply Sorting" will sort the selected Nets (and sub-items) according to the selected options.
Applying the changes will save the sorting as Default.

Editing the Default sorting for Codes

For Codes, it is the same process. First, the Codes need to be selected, then in the Menu option, select "Sort Selected Items By..."
A Dialog will then open with several sorting options available.
Saving the changes will set the Default ordering as edited.

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