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Codeit API Demo Application

Codeit offers a powerful REST API allowing 3rd party applications to easily integrate with Codeit.
This document introduces a Demo Application which may be useful in helping you get started with the API.

Codeit API Demo Application
The demo application is very simple - it offers the following two functions: 

The code in the project does not call the Codeit REST API directly - instead, it makes use of a wrapper library ("Codeit.API.dll") which provides a convenience layer that shields the programmer from the actual REST API.
You are, of course, completely free to make calls against the REST API if you want to, however the Codeit API Library may be more convenient and easier to program against. 

Getting Started
To get started, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a new project in Codeit for testing
  2. Create a Task within the project containing a source variable, target variable and "Age" context variable)
  3. Create a default Wave within the project
  4. Make a note of your API key in the Admin section of Codeit
  5. Download and unzip the Demo App Code
  6. Open the "Codeit API Demo App" solution using Visual Studio
  7. Use the Codeit Swagger page to lookup the relevant Id values and fill in the placeholders in "Settings.cs" in the Codeit.DemoApp.Common project
  8. Run the application - choose option 1 and write some data to Codeit
  9. View the project in Codeit using Block Coding and verify that the data has indeed been written to Codeit
  10. Apply some codes to the verbatim in Codeit
  11. In the demo application, choose Option 2 to view the coded data you just created

Future Development
If this demo application seems useful to you and you have ideas for further development, feel free to get in touch! 

You can download the source code for the demo app here

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