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Wave Status

Each wave in a Codeit project typically passes through a set of standard phases during lifecycle.
For example, there is usually an initial setup phase, coding phase, QA phase then final completion.
Different actions only make sense during certain phases. For example, it does not make sense to allow further coding to be done on a Wave that has been finalised and reported back to a client.
The Wave Status setting in Codeit allows you to nominate a the current phase of a wave at any given moment.
This is useful for communication purposes - other team members a given a clearer view of the status of each wave.
It is also useful for helping to prevent mistakes, such as accidentally importing new data, or applying new codes to a wave that is complete.

This page lists the various Wave Status options supported in Codeit and defines which actions are prevented and enabled under each.

Wave Status Values

StatusImport AllowedCoding AllowedAutocoding AllowedVerify AllowedExport Allowed
In ProgressYesYesYesYesYes

Although the status "Archived" and "Deleted" appear to offer the same restrictions, there is a crucial difference between the two.
An "Archived" wave still has its data attached so to export data from an Archived wave you need to change the Wave Status back to "Closed" first.
When a wave is "Deleted" however, the associated data is deleted and cannot be accessed any more. It is not possible to change the wave status once a wave has been deleted. 

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