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Approving Records

The Verify screen in Codeit allows you to set the approval status of each record in the system.
This aspect of the system is entirely optional, but many companies require coding (or a sample of coding) to be approved before it is finalised.

Setting Approval Status - Single Records
The simplest way to change the approval status of each record is to click the "QA Status" cell for the corresponding row:

Clicking on the QAStatus column will cycle through the approval states: 

Setting Approval Status - Multiple Records
Rather than approve records one at a time, it is often easier to select multiple records and code apply the same approval status to all of them in one go.
To do this, select a set of records then right-click anywhere on the grid. This will display a context menu which allows you to chose an approval status to apply to all of the currently selected records. 

QA Status Changes
Once set, the QA Status will remain set and can be reported on using the reporting features within Codeit.
The only exception to this is when the code(s) applied are changed in any of the coding screens. When this happens, the approval status is considered stale and is therefore reverts back to the "Not Set" status.

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