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Loading Data Into Verify

The Verify page in Codeit gives you control over which records you load in for verification.
This page explains the various options available for controlling the records loaded.

Load Data Dialog
If you navigate to the Verify page using the "Verify" coding mode, the page will automatically load all available coded items for the selected project and wave.  [See here for more details]
Alternatively, if you use the Verify ribbon menu button, you will first be presented with the "Load Data" popup dialog:

The items you select from the dropdowns in the popup will control which records are loaded as follows:

CompanySelects the Company (or sub-company) that contains the Project you want to verify.
Note: This dropdown will only appear if the current user is a member of one or more companies (or subcompanies).
ProjectSelects the specific project you want to load
WaveSelects the wave containing the records you want to load 
QuestionSelects the question / task you want to load
CoderAllows you to limit records to only those worked on by selected coders.
Note: Selecting "Rob Bott" allows you to filter on those records with codes applied by the Codeit AI system
ShowAllows you to filter records in the following ways:

All - Selects all applicable records without applying any further filtering.
%  - Selects a specified percentage of all the applicable records 

Record Locking
Any records that are current being coded by other users cannot be loaded into the Verify screen.
Similarly, whilst records are loaded in the Verify screen they cannot be loaded into any of the Coding screens. 

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