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Accessing Verify

This page explains how to access the Verify page within Codeit.
The Verify page must be accessed from the main project selection page.
Within this page, you can navigate to the Verify page via the following two methods:

Option 1 - Coding Mode
In the main project selection page:

  1. Select the Project and Wave you'd like to verify from the relevant dropdowns
  2. Select "Verify" from the "Mode" dropdown
  3. Click the "Start Verify" button

When you access Verify in this way, the system will default to loading all available coded items for the selected project and wave.
This is an efficient approach if you do indeed what to check all records.
For more fine-grained selection, you may prefer to use the "Verify Button" as explained below.

Option 2 - Verify Button
From the main project selection page, click the "Verify" button in the ribbon menu: 

When you start Verify in this way, you will be initially presented with a popup window allowing you to choose the data you want to load.  

See Loading Data into Verify for more details.