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AI Triggers


The AI in Codeit runs in response to "Triggers" within the system.
Triggers are events that happen (e.g. data uploaded) that suggest the AI might be able to code further records if it runs.
Depending on the type of trigger, it may make sense to run all or only some of the AI Layers.
This document outlines the various triggers that Codeit can respond to and the corresponding layers that are run in response to each trigger.
Each layer will run only if they are correctly enabled (see AI Settings, and Running the Artificial Intelligence for more details)

Triggers and Layers

TriggerTrigger DescriptionText MatchingText RulesMachine Learning

Match Against CodeframeMatch Against HistoryMatch Against RulesApply Machine Learning
Upload Records
Triggered when new record data is added to Codeit.
Triggered regardless of whether records are uploaded directly in Codeit or via the Codeit API. 
Create Task
Triggered when a new task is created in Codeit.
A task can be created directly in Administration, indirectly via "Quick Start" or through the Codeit API
Change Codeframe
Triggered when a user adds codes or changes code labels in the Codeitframe.
Changes can be actioned directly in Administration, in any of the coding screens or through the Codeit API
Apply Text Match Rules
Triggered when the user initiates one of the "Apply Text Match Rules" menu options in a coding screen.

User Initiated
Triggered when a user presses the "Run AI" button in the Project Tasks Dashboard.


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