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Creating Sub-Companies

Sub-companies offer a convenient way to manage separate divisions, regions, suppliers or clients (see here).
This document provides a short guide showing how you can create sub-companies in Codeit.

Accessing Sub-companies
In order to access the sub-companies in Codeit, you must already be defined as a company administrator.
When you log into Codeit, you will need to access the "Administration" page from the navigation ribbon:

Once in the "Administration" page, you can access the Sub-companies section by clicking "Company" in the left-hand navigation menu:

After clicking on the "Company Link" a list of sub-companies (if any) for the current parent company will be displayed:

Adding Sub-companies
To add a sub-company, click the "Add" button in the Sub Companies panel:

When prompted, enter a name for the new subcompany (note: this cannot be the same name as any other sub-company within the parent company).
Once you have entered a name, click the "Add Subcompany" button:

Switching between (sub)companies
After adding the first sub-company, a company selector will appear in the left-hand navigation menu that allows you to switch between the various (sub)companies associated with the current user.

When you change the selected company in this dropdown, then the entire Admin page is then focused on that (sub)company alone.
So, any users, projects, permissions etc... are local only to the currently selected (sub)company.

Note, since sub-companies cannot contain further sub-companies, then when a sub-company is selected then the Sub Companies panel will not be show.

See it in action
You can see the use of sub-companies and permissions working together in this video:

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