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Introducing Sub-Companies

The Codeit permissions system allows you to create sub-companies within a parent company account.

A company can have any number of sub-companies associated with it but a sub-company can only belong to one parent company.
A sub-company cannot contain other sub-companies.

Using Sub-Companies
A sub-company within Codeit is an autonomous, self-contained unit that functions separately from the parent company and other sub-companies.  
Users, projects and permissions can therefore be kept separated in different sub companies.

This can be useful for managing separate divisions, regions, suppliers or clients.

For example, you might want to create projects and project groups that are accessible only to staff in the US:
[For more information about project groups and managing permissions see here]

Company Administrators
Company administrators have full access rights for the company (or companies) they are assigned to (see here).

Only administrators of the parent company have permission to create sub-companies.
When an administrator creates a sub-company, they automatically become an administrator of the new sub-company.

If a user is an administrator of one company (including the parent company) does not automatically make them a an administrator of any other (sub)companies.  
Consider this example:

In this example, Rita and Sue have full administrative control of the "US" sub-company only.
Bob has full administrative control of the parent company only. Note that Bob has no access to the "US" sub-company.
In order for Bob to gain access to the "US" sub-company, someone would need to add him as a user or administrator in the sub-company, like so:

After this change, the company administrators for the "US" sub-company include Rita, Sue and Bob too.

Users assigned to multiple companies
From the example above, it should be fairly obvious that a given person (identified by username) can be a member of multiple companies either as an administrator and/or a coder.
This can be useful when managing external 3rd parties such as outsourced coding suppliers.

Parent Company Projects
It is entirely possible to create projects at the parent company level.
However, once you start using sub-companies, it is probably cleanest and less confusing to keep all projects defined at the sub-company level only.

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