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Managing Users

Codeit allows you to define users within your account and choose what actions those users can perform.
It is designed to be simple and easy to maintain by managing projects, permissions and people using a system of groups. 

This document explains the management of users within the Codeit system.

Accessing Users and Permissions
In order to access the users system in Codeit, you must already be defined as a company administrator.
When you log into Codeit, you will need to access the "Administration" page from the navigation ribbon:

Once in the "Administration" page, you can access the Users and Permissions section by clicking "People" in the left-hand navigation menu:

Adding Users
When you click on the "People" navigation menu item, you will be presented with a page containing several tabs.
The first of these tabs lists out all of the users added to the current company.

With this tab selected, you can add users by clicking the "Add New Person" button towards the right of the page.
Clicking "Add New Person" will present you with a dialog with the following fields:

First NameThe first name of the person you're adding
Last NameThe last name of the person you're adding
Allow User To Log inDetermines whether the user you're adding can log in to CodeitIt can be useful to define users who do not have the ability to log into the site - for example, you may want to create a user with API access only.
Email AddressThe email address of the user you're addingThis email address will be used as the persons username in addition to sending them emails on request (e.g. forgotten password)